Nampons & COVID

Your safety and the safety of our employees and vendors is paramount during these difficult times.  We wanted you to know what Nampons is doing to prioritize your health while still being able to deliver you the products you depend on for nosebleed treatment.

Getting products to you safely

Nampons remains up and running, without interruption, during this global crisis.  Our team is remote, working from home to take care of each of your needs virtually while doing our best to protect our families and communities.  We will do everything possible to get you the products ordered within a timely manner, typically shipped within 24 hours of placing your order.  When delivering orders to the post office, all precautions are taken regarding masks and social distancing to minimize exposure and all orders are sealed to further reduce contamination.


All nasal plugs are provided sterile within the blister pack.


Nampons, our production facility, and vendors are complying with federal/state requirements to maintain operations while protecting workers as best possible for COVID.  


As a company focused on helping others with health-related situations, we take the wellbeing of our customers, employees, and partners extremely seriously. If anyone is directly or indirectly affected by this pandemic, we prioritize their well-being above all corporate responsibilities.