Medical Professional Sample Program

Nampons offers a free sample program for those in relevant medical fields, including ENT offices, pediatricians, GPs, ERs and first responders.  To qualify to receive free samples of Nampons™ and Nampons™ Kids for your hospital or practice, please complete the form below:


About Nampons

Nampons have been used for over ten years by hospitals, first-responders and doctors to treat mild to moderate nosebleeds in children and adults alike.  There are no known allergens associated with Nampons.  Nampons contain a calcium sodium salt of micro-dispersed oxidized cellulose, PVA (polyvinyl acetal) sponge, glycerine and a surfactant.

You can read more about the efficacy of Nampons™, as well as clinical studies performed, by clicking here.

If you have any questions, please visit our FAQ or email us directly.

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