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Clotting Agent Stops The Bleed

Suitable For All Ages

Suitable For All Ages

Stops Bleed Fast

Stops Nosebleed Fast

Nampons™ are the safe and effective way to stop nosebleeds fast.

Nosebleeds happen anytime, anywhere.  While typically not serious, they are often embarrassing and force you to put your life on hold, wherever you are. Nampons™ stop nosebleeds fast, so you can get on with your day with minimal hassle or worry.  

If you or your loved ones suffer from nosebleeds, use the solution trusted by hospitals, doctors, and first-responders for over a decade, now available over the counter (OTC).


  • Small and discreet (1.75" x 0.5" x 0.08")
  • Coated with clotting agent to stop the bleed
  • Gently expands to provide pressure from the inside
  • Non-stick, painless removal without reopening clot
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Odorless and tasteless
  • Can be trimmed for children or smaller noses

Does your first aid kit have Nampons?  

Be prepared. Nosebleeds need Nampons™.

Clotting Agent

Nampons are impregnated with micro-oxidized cellulose, a hypoallergenic clotting agent used since the 1950s for mild to moderate bleeds.


Sodium salt of oxidized cellulose(active), PVA sponge, polyethylene glycol and a surfactant.


Nampons™ will remain sterile and effective for three years. The expiration date is clearly marked on every box and product.

Suitable for kids and adults

Nampons are suitable for children as young as four, adults and seniors.

To use on smaller noses, simply trim the Nampons™ to size for a comfortable fit.


Nampons™ are designed to be small and discreet so you can keep at home, in the car and in the office to always be prepared.

A single Nampon™ is only 1.75" x 0.5" and is roughly as thick as a stick of chewing gum.

How to Use

  1. Insert gently into the affected nostril. Trim if needed for smaller noses.
  2. Apply gentle pressure until the bleed stops. The Nampon™ will expand on contact and deliver the clotting agent to stop the bleed.
  3. Remove carefully when the bleeding stops and repeat if necessary.

If the bleed lasts more than 15 minutes, please seek medical attention

FSA & HSA Eligible

Nampons™ may be purchased with your FSA or HSA health care account.


We understand that the idea of a solution created just for nosebleeds is new for consumers.  We know that after you try Nampons™, you'll never use a tissue for a nosebleed again!  However, if you are not 100% satisfied we'll give you your money back.  

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Battle Tested. Doctor Approved.

Stop nosebleeds quickly and safely. Nampons are used to treat mild to moderate nosebleeds in children, allergy sufferers, adults, those with bleeding disorders such as HHT, athletes, and seniors. Nampons have been used by hospitals, doctors, and first-responders for over a decade and are now available over the counter (OTC).

  • Kids need Nampons™

    Nosebleeds are most common in kids and teens. If they're active (or pick their nose), count on them getting a nosebleed. Help them deal with a nosebleed quickly and bravely. Kids need Nampons™.

  • Athletes need Nampons™

    If you're an athlete, the chance of getting a nosebleed comes with the territory. They can stop stop a game or sideline you from playing. Next time you play, be prepared. Athletes need Nampons™.

  • Allergy Sufferers need Nampons™

    Allergies and and the medication to prevent allergies both dry out the nose, which lead to more nosebleeds. One hard sneeze and nosebleed. Be prepared this allergy season with Nampons™.

  • Seniors Need Nampons

    As you age, the skin around your nose becomes thinner and more sensitive, leading to random nosebleeds. They can happen anytime, anywhere and become serious if not treated quickly. Seniors need Nampons™.

Customer Reviews

Based on 190 reviews
Marie Cherwinski
Nampons usage

It seem to cut down on the bleeding time

Donald Graham

Absolutely the best! Don’t shop around;but these.

Amy Wynne
Nampos Use

I was quite impressed with how quickly and effectively they worked. I will definitely be keeping a supply in my office.

Harry Ashbaugh

Thank goodness for this product!!

Caroline Wischmann

Works great

Linda Terry

The product definitely helps, but the price is prohibitive for someone who has multiple bleeds a day, even with a 20% discount.

Gabe Hyman
Game changer

I get bloody noses a lot and these are a game changer. I can actually do or play stuff while I have a nampon in instead of having to hold a tissue to my nose.

Rodney Barker
Does what it says it does

I've recently had frequent nosebleeds, I think partially due to much higher blood pressure than usual. These seem to do exactly what they claim. They expand in my nostril and seem to stop the bleeding quicker than tissues or paper towels etc will, due to the product they are "coated with".

Frank Innocenzi


Meg Sherrill
Work Great

Best at stopping horrible nose bleeds