Product Disclaimer

Nampons are intended for one-time use, anterior nose bleeds only.  The product must only be inserted partially into the nasal cavity and should never be inserted into any other orifice or bodily cavity.  The product should only be inserted to the point of comfort and never be pushed beyond the nasal cartilage.  The product may be trimmed for use by minors under adult supervision.  Never force the Nampon into the nasal cavity.  Do not leave a Nampon inserted for more than 20 minutes and never fall asleep with a  Nampon inserted  

The product should never be reused.  Dispose properly and safely after use.  

In the event the Nampon cannot be removed, please seek medical attention immediately  

We do not warrant that the products or information sold or provided by Nampons will work to treat epistaxis (nosebleeds). Medical assistance should be sought for any nosebleed that cannot be controlled by our products.