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Nampons™ Kids

Nampons™ Kids

#1 Recommended Brand By Pediatricians To Stop Nosebleeds Fast In Kids Age 4 and older!

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Pediatrician Approved

Suitable For All Ages

For Kids 4 to 12 Years Old

Stops Bleed Fast

Stops Nosebleed Fast


Nampons™ Kids are the only over-the-counter nosebleed product designed to stop nosebleeds fast in children ages 4 to 12.

Over 86% of all children under 12 will experience a nosebleed, mostly from letting kids be kids! Nose picking, playing, falling, colds, and allergies make children the biggest group of nosebleed sufferers! Nosebleeds are one of the top reasons parents bring their kids to the pediatrician!

While often scary, they are typically not serious, especially when handled quickly and properly. Nampons is the leading brand for treating nosebleeds in children ages four and older. Thousands of parents, pediatricians, and school nurses trust Nampons™ to be prepared - just in case! 


  • Designed for children's noses
  • Expands to provide pressure from the inside
  • Absorbs 10x more blood than tissues
  • Hypoallergenic clotting agent stops the bleed
  • Pain-free removal.  Won't get stuck and restart the nosebleed
  • Odorless and tasteless

Be prepared. (Little) Nosebleeds need Nampons™.



Hypoallergenic Clotting Agent

Nampons are impregnated with micro-oxidized cellulose, a hypoallergenic clotting agent used since the 1950s for mild to moderate bleeds.


Sodium salt of oxidized cellulose(active), PVA sponge, polyethylene glycol and a surfactant.


Nampons™ will remain sterile and effective for three years. The expiration date is clearly marked on every box and product.

For Kids 4 and Older

Nampons™ Kids are designed for children as young as four.


Nampons™ are designed to be small and discreet so you can keep at home, in the car and in the office to always be prepared.

Nampons™ Kids are shared to fit comfortably inside a child's nose while providing gentle pressure to slow and stop the bleed.

Each nosebleed treatment is 35mm x 5.5mm x 5.5mm, or 1.38" x .22"

How to Use

  1. Insert gently into the affected nostril.
  2. Apply gentle pressure until the bleed stops. The Nampon™ Kids will expand on contact and deliver the clotting agent to stop the bleed.
  3. Remove carefully when the bleeding stops and repeat if necessary.

If the bleed lasts more than 15 minutes, please seek medical attention

FSA & HSA Eligible

Nampons™ may be purchased with your FSA or HSA health care account.


We understand that the idea of a solution created just for nosebleeds is new for consumers.  We know that after you try Nampons™, you'll never use a tissue for a nosebleed again!  However, if you are not 100% satisfied we'll give you your money back.  

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Designed for kids. Doctor approved

Nampons™ are designed for kids and approved by doctors to stop nosebleeds fast. They are small, comfortable, non-stick and hypoallergenic, so the the clotting agent can stop nosebleeds fast - letting kids go back to being kids!

Less Mess. Less Tears

If you've ever seen a nosebleed, you know how messy (and scary) they can become. A single Nampons™ Kids can absorb the same amount of blood as over 12 tissues - all while quickly stopping the bleeding.

Plus they're bloody (no pun intended) comfortable to use, and can be painlessly removed when the bleeding stops without worrying about it starting all over again!

My kid never had a nosebleed

As parents, we understand the value of being prepared for anything. We have BAND-AIDS™ in case they get a cut, burn cream in case they get a burn and stuff for poison ivy, well, just in case. We don't want them to get a cut, a burn or play with those leaves, but we have them just in case.

Nosebleeds can happen anytime, anywhere. Statistically, there is a 90% chance your child will get a nosebleed - most likely when you least expect it. Nampons™ last for three years, so put them in your medicine cabinet, first aid kit or car, just in case.

Customer Reviews

Based on 57 reviews
Veronica Reyes

My son is 3, we received Nampons last week and kept them on the counter. Today while doing laundry my son came running in with a nose bleed. He had a long history with nosebleeds and it had been traumatic for him and sometimes really draining for us. He can get 5 nosebleeds in a day and need to go to ER. Well today, he had a big one, I took him to the restroom and grabbed some tissue. After holding his nose for a minute or so I needed another tissue, then I remembered the Nampons. They worked so well, were so simple and easy to use. And once they expanded they added a little pressure to the inside of the nose, helping the bleed stop. My som was so fascinated, turning a stressful situation into a learning one. Thank you so much Nampons. We will be a forever customer

Tiffani Headrick
love them!

Nampons are a lifesaver for my 8-year-old son who gets nosebleeds all the time. They’re super easy to use and work fast, stopping the bleeding almost immediately. No more worrying about tissues and messes. My son can get back to playing and being a kid without any interruptions. Nampons are a must-have for any parent dealing with frequent nosebleeds. Highly recommend!

Elizabeth O'Brien
Nampons have saved us!!!

Our son gets nosebleeds a lot and when it bleeds it REALLY bleeds! Nampons are the only thing that gets his nose to stop! Since he is young and has a little nose so having the Kids size has saved us a lot of time cutting them so they fit. Nampon Kids is the best purchase we have ever made and I don't know what we would do without them!!!

Jennifer -
Love, love love and highly recommend!!!!

Absolutely love your product. The kids version is much better for little noses. Goes in easily and gets the job done. This stops my son’s nose bleed super quick so no more freaking out and tears. Thanks Nampon for making the kid version we definitely appreciate it.

Charles Brewster
Freaking Out Parent Gives Thanks

I never seem to get used to all the blood a kids bloody nose can produce. Thankfully I tried nampons which put an end to the stress. I often need to use two but they work so that is ok.

Holly Siegel

I have not used them yet, but I do think they will be great!!

Desirae Fox

My son gets nose bleeds often, I was hoping this would help. I got the kids, he's only 5. Those didn't help very much, the adult ones I cut a bit, those were more helpful. I asked him what he thought, since he saw how they expanded, he told me he wants dinosaur ones. Good way to get something fun out of something not so fun, but the idea also kinda traumatizing. Was funny tho. I told him I'd request it.

Rachel Wilkes
Love this product!

With the start of allergy season we have already experienced several nosebleeds and these have been very useful. I love that they are individually wrapped and ready to use. My kids know exactly what to do! I feel comfortable leaving them at their sports events knowing they have these. Kids can easily use the nampons on their own.

Tiesha Saldivar

Nampons™ Kids

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these products are great for patients with acute or chronic nose bleeds