Meet Nampons

Stop nosebleeds fast with our clinically proven, FDA registered treatment for mild to moderate nosebleeds.

Helping Real Customers Stop The Bleed

You have 15 minutes to stop a nosebleed.

Understanding Nampons

How Nampons Stop Nosebleeds


Insert the nampon

Nampons expand to gently place pressure on the bleed.


Apply Gentle Pressure

Nampons expand to gently place pressure on the bleed.


Remove and Discard. Repeat If Needed

Nampons glide out easily without reopening the clot once the bleeding stops.

Friends don’t let friends use tissues

Tissues are an ineffective and unhygienic method of treating epistaxis (aka nosebleeds).


Absorbs blood
Expands for gentle pressure
Clots to stop the bleed
Remove without reopening
Stops nosebleeds fast

Nampons vs. Tampons

Learn the difference

Battle Tested. Doctor Approved.


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