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Nampons™ Kids
Tiffani Headrick
love them!

Nampons are a lifesaver for my 8-year-old son who gets nosebleeds all the time. They’re super easy to use and work fast, stopping the bleeding almost immediately. No more worrying about tissues and messes. My son can get back to playing and being a kid without any interruptions. Nampons are a must-have for any parent dealing with frequent nosebleeds. Highly recommend!

Nick Springman

We love your product. But disappointed in that we paid over $10 for expedited shipping and it still took 10 days to get the product. We signed up for next day delivery. We would like that postage money back.

Nampons™ Kids
Elizabeth O'Brien
Nampons have saved us!!!

Our son gets nosebleeds a lot and when it bleeds it REALLY bleeds! Nampons are the only thing that gets his nose to stop! Since he is young and has a little nose so having the Kids size has saved us a lot of time cutting them so they fit. Nampon Kids is the best purchase we have ever made and I don't know what we would do without them!!!

Nampons™ Kids
Jennifer -
Love, love love and highly recommend!!!!

Absolutely love your product. The kids version is much better for little noses. Goes in easily and gets the job done. This stops my son’s nose bleed super quick so no more freaking out and tears. Thanks Nampon for making the kid version we definitely appreciate it.


As a school nurse, I recently had the opportunity to try out a complimentary sample of Nampons. Skeptical at first, I found myself in a situation where a student arrived with a nosebleed that seemed unstoppable. Desperate for a solution, I decided to give Nampons a chance, and I'm thrilled to report that they exceeded my expectations. Not only did they effectively stem the flow of blood, but the student also remarked on their comfort. Impressed by their performance, I'm now convinced of their efficacy and intend to stock up on more for my clinic without hesitation.

Nampons Individual Samples
Feoderis Basilio

Nampons Individual Samples

Nampons Individual Samples

Nampons Individual Samples

Very useful

We have loved incorporating these samples into our office and having them available to our pediatric population. Thank you so much for allowing us to have them here.

Great Product

Stopped the bleeding right away!

Perfect for sparring

I started Muay Thai and have been looking for something to stop nose bleeds during sparring. Paper towels, tissues, and TP barely work under normal circumstances, but these stopped the bleed immediately, and stayed in for several more rounds. I used a kid-sized one, folded in half so it wouldn't stick out. I highly recommend these for any contact sports, or just in a kit or ouch pouch.

Nampons Individual Samples

Nampons Individual Samples

Linda Greenberg
no bueno

I didn't fine these to be helpful. It was like putting a hard, rigid piece of cardboard up my nose.

Excellent product

Used samples a day after I received them in the office. My patient had used tampons from the ER before that was painful. Less pain and nasal fullness with this product.

Sarah Virden

Comfortable. And will save money using them instead of the throwaways.

Great for treating bloody noses in clinic!

Nampons Individual Samples

Nampons™ Kids
Charles Brewster
Freaking Out Parent Gives Thanks

I never seem to get used to all the blood a kids bloody nose can produce. Thankfully I tried nampons which put an end to the stress. I often need to use two but they work so that is ok.

Nampons™ Kids
Holly Siegel

I have not used them yet, but I do think they will be great!!

Gerald Park

The best product for nose bleeds on the market!

Nampons™ Kids
Desirae Fox

My son gets nose bleeds often, I was hoping this would help. I got the kids, he's only 5. Those didn't help very much, the adult ones I cut a bit, those were more helpful. I asked him what he thought, since he saw how they expanded, he told me he wants dinosaur ones. Good way to get something fun out of something not so fun, but the idea also kinda traumatizing. Was funny tho. I told him I'd request it.


The real deal. Very nice product.

April T.
Works great!!!

Such a great product! Helps out so much!!

Karen Urban
Made me sneeze

As soon as I inserted the nampon I began sneezing a lot. I think this sneezing actually made the nose bleed even worse. It took 3 nampons to bring it under control. Since they aren’t cheaply priced I will only be using them when I am away from home. At home I will still use the nose clamp.

I think they’re a great idea, looking forward to sharing with my patients.