Nosebleeds can happen anytime, anywhere. Nampons make sure you're always prepared

We are reinventing how to stop nosebleeds effectively.

1 in 7 Americans will get a random nosebleed each year, especially children, athletes, allergy and sinus sufferers and the elderly.

They can happen anytime, anywhere due to allergies, dry air or simply picking your nose. For most people, dealing with nosebleeds is often embarrassing.

Nampons are discreet. Trusted by hospitals, doctors and first responders, this FDA registered technology can make dealing with embarrassing nosebleeds a thing of the past, so you can get on with your day.

Stops nosebleeds fast.

Nampons™ or "Nasal Tampons" were designed to quickly, safely and effectively stop nosebleeds before they become serious. Unlike other treatments, including the common tissue, Nampons contain a hypoallergenic clotting agent that has been used for over 50 years by hospitals and first responders to safely and quickly treat mild to moderate bleeds.

How They Work

  1. Hypoallergenic, safe
  2. Contains a clotting agent to stop bleed
  3. Soft for painless removal
  4. Expands to stop bleeds

Unlike tissues, Nampons can easily be removed without causing pain or reopening the clot that stopped the bleed. Nampons also gently expand upon insertion, absorbing the blood as the clot forms. Typically a single Nampon is all that is required to stop the bleed.

“You get a cut, you use a Band-Aid®. You hurt your knee, an ace bandage. But when you get a nosebleed, you stick toilet paper up your nose, and when it starts to drip, you do it again. It’s unsanitary and not recommended”
Dr. Scott Brook
Hemotologist, Desert Cancer Center