Nampons vs Tampons

Understanding the difference between two products made for two very different purposes

Nampons were designed for nosebleeds

Nampons have a clotting agent designed to stop a nosebleed.

TAMPONS were designed for MENSTRUATION

Tampons were made to absorb, not stop the bleeding.

Understanding the difference regarding Nosebleeds

Tampons are an ineffective method of treating epistaxis (aka nosebleeds).
Absorbs blood
Expands for gentle pressure
Clots to stop the bleed
Remove without reopening
Stops nosebleeds fast
Tampons Flushable

MYTH: Tampons are flushable

Despite what many woman think, tampons should always be throw in the garbage and not in the toilet. Tampax, Kotex and organic brand Lola all tell consumers to not flush their products on their websites, while o.b. directs people to throw them in the garbage when done. Tampons, like Nampons, should be throw out as they can clog plumbing systems and their bad for the environment if flushed.

Cotton tampons stick to the clot so the bleed restarts when removed.

When a clot is formed, cotton binds to the clot. As a result, when the tampon is removed, like a tissue, it often reopens the would causing the bleed to start again.

Nampons are like bandages. They are non-stick and remove painlessly without restarting the bleed.

Tampons Flushable

Nosebleeds can happen anytime, anywhere. Be prepared.